Client companies with payrolls of up to fifty (50) employees may choose our Entrepreneur Account services, which are designed with the special needs of the entrepreneurial business in mind.

All services for Entrepreneur Accounts are supported by Ace Payroll’s remote electronic processing tools, the PayChoice Connection and PayChoice Online.

Entrepreneur Account Services:

Payroll Processing
Ace gives employers complete control over their payroll with remote access tools and Web-based processing. Of course, Ace also accommodates payroll submissions by more traditional methods, like phone and fax. Whatever method you choose, Ace will set up your payroll according to your exact business needs and assign a professional payroll specialist who will be your guide through the entire process.

Tax Services
Ace offers a comprehensive and fully integrated package of tax services that will meet all your filing, reporting, and payment needs while protecting you from unnecessary penalties.

  • Calculates all federal, state, and local payroll taxes
  • Makes employer and employee tax payments
  • Files all returns

Laser Signatures
Ace Payroll offers its customers the option for a check-signing service. Authorized signatures are captured digitally and laser-imprinted on every check.

 Envelope Stuffing and Sealing
For those customers whose employees need the additional security and confidentiality, Ace Payroll offers an envelope stuffing and sealing service. Payrolls will be delivered with each employee’s paycheck sealed in a separate envelope.

Workers Compensation
Ace offers EasyComp as its preferred method for paying workers compensation insurance. This service eliminates down payments and estimated premiums, and minimizes your exposure to year-end audits. Ace impounds a premium based on each actual payroll and remits the amount directly to the carrier. Since you pay as you process, there are never any bills for underpayment.

Direct Deposit
A popular and valuable convenience, Ace Payroll’s Direct Deposit service allows payroll funds to be deposited directly into the checking or savings accounts of employees. Employees can count on their money being available immediately on payday, without the risk of handling paper checks or the delay of clearing them through the banks. Non-negotiable pay stubs are produced for record-keeping.

The Debit Cards Paymast'r Debit Card service provides employees with immediate payment without the risk or delay of paper checks. Payrolls are issued on secure debit cards displaying the VISA/PlusÒ logo.